The rise of the German monster

On Germany’s sensational election night of September 22 2014, international television viewers were briefly confronted with a surreal image. The electorate’s overwhelming verdict on the chancellorship was clear-cut – Kanzlerin Merkel was to stay in her post. But as the Christian Democrat leader’s bumper victory was being reported live, images were broadcast of opposition social democratic SPD supporters bursting out cheering. This briefly confused news presenters before they were briefed on what was going on: the SPD was cheering because the pro-business, neoliberal party FDP had been voted out of the Bundestag. But will their cheers prove hollow as Germany's right-wing regroups as an extra-parliamentary force?

This opinion piece appeared on on 29 October 2013. Download a PDF version.

Pic credit: Peter Weis (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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