Sweden's toxic right and the good guys

The right-wing anti-immigrant party, the Sweden Democrats, has established itself as an electoral force. The party has demonstrable historic roots in Sweden’s neo-Nazi movement but officially disavows racism. The SD’s successes, though small compared with similar parties in Scandinavia and Europe have spawned fierce domestic opposition from the start. Political parties simply won’t touch SD with a bargepole and compete with each other over who has the least sympathy for it. SD for its part has appointed itself as the guardian of Swedish culture.

Political scientist Anders Hellström of Malmö University is an expert on the SD. His book "We are the good guys" is an analysis of the peculiar public debate the party has generated and the reasons Swedes so strongly distance themselves from the party.

This interview piece first appeared in Unforgiving Servant, #3, March 2014.

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