Earthquake elections

Southern Europe turned massively towards the dissident left while further to the north of the continent, Eurosceptics delivered a vicious blow to established
parties. In Ukraine, eastern provinces sent a message – stage-managed by militia – that Kiev’s rulers did not speak in their name. Depressingly, the two African votes – in Egypt and Malawi – involved elites acting in their own narrow interests while elsewhere Afghans and Iraqismust exercise great courage to vote in the
first place. India embraced identity politics and largely rejected the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty that has been in charge for generations.
Thailand’s bickering elites led to a failed election followed by a coup d’état.
If there is one general verdict that emerges from the top ten electoral earthquakes this year, it it is that people feel removed from increasingly isolated governing elites.

This article appeared in Unforgiving Servant #5, June 2014.

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